If you’re planning on getting home security cameras installed throughout your home, it’s important to make sure cameras are placed where it will provide you with the most benefit. Even if your home already has security cameras installed and in place – are they where you need them?

Ideally, your cameras should be installed somewhat discreetly, while still able to capture activity in the most optimal entry points to your home. Here are the top 5 places to install cameras and the benefits of each.

  1. Front door – While this is the most obvious place to install security cameras, how they are installed around your front door is one of the most important factors to consider. Make sure cameras are installed high enough to where they are out of reach to avoid anyone being able to easily tamper with or remove the camera. Better yet, install the camera just inside of your home looking outward to your front door. This will allow a fuller view of the front of your home as well. If you install cameras that can move and see a larger area, make sure the camera has room to capture more of your front yard or entryway, rather than being too close to the side of your home.
  2. Back door – This is another obvious choice for where to install your cameras. Take all of the same factors into consideration here, including making sure the camera is high and out-of-reach, and has room to capture a large enough area. Another important factor here is to make sure the camera you choose has night vision, as so many burglaries take place after the sun goes down.
  3. Side windows – Windows that are not in plain sight of a street are a go-to entry point for burglars. An added benefit of having cameras here is that they may not be as noticeable as those in place at front and back doors, and will catch thieves off-guard.
  4. Gates – Whether it’s a gate to your entryway or a side gate with access to your backyard, gates are another place where cameras may be suspected less. It will also catch burglars on camera sooner, which hopefully prompts a quicker alert to you and the authorities before they get any closer to the inside of your home.
  5. Inside near front/back doors – Mounting motion-sensing cameras inside of your home can provide you with alerts if burglars somehow enter your home and get past cameras outside of your home. In the case outdoor cameras are disabled, destroyed, or taken down, indoor cameras can still capture thieves in action.


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