Property crime is one of the most prevalent types of crime in the United States – burglary and theft the foremost among them. The consequences of these crimes often go beyond the physical and financial. The psychological effects of burglary can include depression, increased anxiety, and insomnia to name a few. In other words: it’s personal. If you’re wondering how to make your home secure from burglars, our top recommendation is to invest in a security system.

If you’re not yet ready to invest, you may be more interested in reading our more general Top 10 Home Security Tips Against Burglary.

Worried about burglaries like this one? Follow our tips on how to make your home secure from burglars with an alarm system.

Worried about burglaries like this one? Follow our tips on how to make your home secure from burglars with an alarm system.

However, if you are thinking about investing in a home security system, there are some specific features you should consider if your primary concern is burglary. Keep reading to learn how to make your home secure from burglars by customizing your alarm system package with certain features. You will also learn how these features target potential weaknesses prone to burglary in your home.

How to Make Your Home Secure from Burglars Using Security System Features

Burglars come from many different walks of life, but they are all looking for the same thing: an easy target. Most burglars are opportunists who want to break in quickly, take what they want, avoid detection or human interaction, and leave in a short period of time. This means your home is most at risk during the day while you’re away, and that the target entry points are doors, windows, and garage doors. The good news is that you can target these potential weaknesses directly with specific home security features. We recommend these alarm system security features to specifically target burglaries:

Security Signs and Visible Cameras

  • There is evidence to indicate that most burglars actively try to avoid houses with security alarm systems. This makes that security sign in your yard from your provider and any visible cameras (even if they’re fake) your first line of defense.
  • If your cameras are operable, make sure they’re clean and functioning properly. We often wrap flea/tick collars around our cameras to keep bugs and spiders away from blocking the lens.
  • Ensure the cameras you select provide enough clarity to help you discern faces and read license plates. We recommend interactive, watchable, real-time video that is stored on a local server, on the cloud, or both. If that’s too much video footage and storage for your comfort, consider wifi cameras instead. They will allow you to observe through the camera without all of the cost of storage.

Touchscreen Keypad

  • Make sure you choose modern wall consoles are more like touchscreen tablets than their old, flimsy, button-mashed counterparts. They are wireless and don’t require a phone line. This prevents a burglar from guessing your code from worn-down buttons or tampering with and disabling your system through wire and phone line cutting.
  • Another great feature some of these consoles have is crash-and-smash protection. This means that even if a burglar reaches and destroys your security system’s keypad, the system still works. One of the best methods in how to make your home secure from burglars? Make it impossible for them to disable your security system. Not all systems/companies provide this feature, so make sure you look for it specifically.


  • Although most burglaries take place during the day, there are still many that take place at night. This is because some burglars try to reduce the risk of getting caught through the cover of darkness. Take away any chance a potential thief has at a cover of darkness with plenty of lighting in and around your home.
  • Outside, make sure all entryways and driveways are well-lit by durable, waterproof, tamper-resistant security lights. Use motion detectors for a caught-in-the-spotlight effect. Add image sensors to the inside of key windows and actually catch them in the spotlight via photograph.
  • Choose a security system with interactive lighting so that you can set all your inside and outside lights to timers or control them in real-time. This casts doubt on whether or not you are home or away. Most potential burglars would rather be certain that nobody is home. For added effect, change lighting throughout the day and night when you’re not home to make it look like you’re moving room-to-room.
One of the top things to remember for how to make your home secure for burglars is that they don't want to get caught.

One of the top things to remember for how to make your home secure for burglars is that they don’t want to get caught. Choose a security package that makes this as difficult as possible.

Alarms and Sirens

  • Loud noises are often just as effective as lights in scaring off potential thieves. Look for systems with updated alarms and sirens that sync with your lighting in order to really send a message.

Door and Window Sensors

  • The first place potential thieves look for easy access is your doors and windows. Modern security systems help by offering interactive door locks and remote garage door control, but you may still forget to secure all the possible entrances to your home.
  • Look for high-tech door and window sensors that first sense if your doors and windows are being tampered with or opened, and then send out the proper communications. You can even get notifications on your smartphone so you can check and see if it’s an actual emergency before getting the authorities involved.

Motion Detectors and Image Sensors

  • Motion detectors are a very basic, yet key feature in home security systems. However, they have all but been replaced by the better technology of image sensors. Image sensors go beyond just motion sensing to actual image capture. 
  • Image sensors are great for burglary protection because they send you triggered alerts with pictures so you can determine a false alarm or capture a thief. Alerts can be triggered by motion or another security device. You can also check in on your home periodically on your own through on-demand images. In an intrusion, your image sensors begin sending images automatically.
  • Because image sensors run on batteries and a cellular connection, they are tamper-resistant. Their wireless nature enables picture sending even if your electricity and/or phone lines are down.    

Interactive Devices

    • One of the best things about modern security is how far interactive tech has advanced in the last few years. You can now control many devices on-the-go from an app on your smartphone. These devices are really helpful in thinking about how to make your home secure from burglars and include:
      • Interactive Doorbell Camera – An upgrade from the peephole, you can now check who is behind or in front of the door from inside or while you’re out and about. You can trigger it yourself and set it to be triggered by motion or a push of the doorbell
      • Interactive Door Lock – Did you lock the door? Are you sure? Are you really sure? Forgetting to lock your doors is no longer an issue. Check your locks and/or lock out burglars with ease from your smart phone.
      • Interactive Garage Door Control – See if you remembered to close your garage door and if you didn’t, shut it – no matter where you are. Even better, set a wireless security fence to receive a reminder if you get a certain distance from your house with the garage door open.
      • Light Control – Make it look like you’re always home – day or night. Control any or all of your indoor and outdoor lights with ease from your smartphone.

Home Security Alarm Monitoring

  • Remember, your home security system is only as effective as the alarm monitoring system behind it. In addition to being able to monitor your home yourself from anywhere, make sure your security system comes backed by round-the-clock monitoring with quick and efficient emergency response time. Burglars may work fast, but with the right security measures they can still be caught in the act.
  • Also make sure your 24/7/365 monitoring service employs a great customer service staff able to answer whatever questions you have, whenever you have them.

These are just some of the many methods to consider when figuring out how to make your home secure from burglars with an alarm system. No security system is 100% burglar-proof, but proactively choosing the right anti-burglary features may be the difference between justice and just another statistic.