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The BAT Team is a team made of proud North Texans, who have been serving our beloved communities for decades. Located in Waxahachie, we serve the whole of Dallas-Fort Worth with the same products & services we use in our own homes.

Why BAT Security

Cutting-Edge Technology

We work to always stay at the forefront of the security industry. That means, through partnerships with companies like Alarm.com, we offer our clients:

  • Interactive, wireless security consoles. No phone line  necessary.
  • Real-time check video, watchable from smartphone,  tablet, or laptop.
  • Digital control of locks, alarms, doors, and thermostat  from mobile devices.


Unmatched Services & Features

Our features and ongoing services are designed to seamlessly support our technology.
This includes:

  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • Weather Alerts & Event Notifications
  • Live Support from a real person at all times
  • Guaranteed phone call replies within two hours
  • Maintenance Plans
  • Free Mobile Applications


Old Fashioned Customer Service

As a local, family-owned company, we’ve never lost our personal relationship with our clients. In our eyes, our clients are more than that; they are an extension of the BAT family. We nurture this relationship by always putting our clients’ needs first, and by making sure they see the same familiar faces when their BAT team member comes out to their home, small business, or commercial business space.

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Core Values

EXECUTION - We will always keep our commitments, and we will be on time every time in doing so, with no exceptions and no excuses.

Core Values

CANDOR - We are committed to being straightforward and transparent with our clients as we work to resolve any and all issues.

Core Values

INTEGRITY - We will provide the services that we have promised with no deceptive practices, no misleading words, and no surprises.

Core Values

RESPONSIBILITY - Each and every team member has the responsibility to exceed expectations.

Core Values

SOLIDARITY - Our team members and clients are considered an extension of our family, and at all times will be treated with respect and honesty.


After founding BAT in 2002, we decided to center our business in the community we’d lived in for a long time: Waxahachie. Serving the majority of greater North Texas, we made it our mission to serve the communities we’d lived in and loved. As far south as Victoria, TX, all the way up to Oklahoma City; from Lubbock all the way to parts of Louisiana, BAT has impacted countless homes and businesses in our 15 years of service.


A lot has changed in those 15 years, but one thing that hasn’t is our approach to clients. At BAT, we never believed that our clients were just clients; we’ve always treated them as friends, or part of a greater BAT family. Our hands-on and collaborative approach, coupled with classic Texas hospitality, has been a mainstay of our business and will continue to be for decades to come.

Who We Are

Meet the BAT Team



Kyle’s been the President of BAT Security since its founding in 2002, and before that, he served as the residential sales manager of a national security company. His 17 years of experience in the security & alarm industry proves his dedication to this field. If you were to ask Kyle, he’d say that he isn’t in the security industry, rather he’s in the peace of mind business. That thinking drives BAT everyday.

Vice President


George has served as the Vice President & Treasurer of BAT since its founding in 2002, and brings a total of 14 years of experience in the security/alarm industry to the table with him. His true passion area is school security. BAT is a proud partner of many school districts, and George has been instrumental in cultivating those relationships that result in our local children being safe & secure.

Sales Manager


Jeff has worked at BAT since 2009, working his way up the sales side of our business. As Sales Manager, he is responsible making sure our sales team meets the demands of our existing and new clients.

Client Services Manager


Jill has worked at BAT since 2005, recently moving from Office Manager to her new position. She is excited to be working closer with our clients on a daily basis. Her main role is to ensure our existing clients’ needs are met.

Office Manager


Kristi has worked at BAT since 2013. When Kristi began we could tell early on that she was a natural fit. Her work ethic is an example to us all. Kristi’s main role is ensuring all office staff is empowered to exceed the expectations of our clients. She wears a few other hats too.



Mike has worked at BAT since 2010. He is responsible for AP and bookkeeping. Of all of our team Mike has the most thankless job and we are grateful for his work.



Derek has worked at BAT since 2013. Derek always has a smile on his face. His demeanor makes him a real pleasure to work with. We know you will see that too.

Office Administrator


Erin has worked at BAT since 2016. We can’t wait for you to meet or talk to Erin. To say Erin is positive is an understatement. She is a breath of fresh air and you will know that too when you speak to her.



Nate has worked at BAT since 2016, although he’s been in the industry for almost 10 years. He’s a technician’s technician and we’re lucky to have him. We can’t wait for you to meet Nate.

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